Gooburrum gives life to colourful foliage garden

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Gooburrum is home to one acre of pure wonder for Lorraine Boyes who has worked on her garden for over three decades.

When Lorraine and her husband Wayne moved into their property there was nothing but bush which was cleared to make way for her plans of a colourful garden.

“The road had not even been put through when we secured the block we wanted,” Lorraine said.

“We set about clearing it ourselves but did have several large trees removed and had even put in two gardens prior to building our house.”

The gardens have always been an ongoing task Lorraine said, with them constantly evolving.

“Usually, I get out here actually on a daily basis,” she said.

“Not a chore as such as I’m passionate about everything gardening and consider it enjoyment.”

Having been gardening for many years, Lorraine said she has learnt to choose plants that will flourish in sandy soil, although the terrain had since improved.

“Over the years the soil has been built up with a lot of mulch and I can dig a hole whenever and wherever I like,” she said.

“After all these years I’m still making room for more plants and cuttings.

“I'm really happy with the soil I've got now.”

The cheer of the garden continues throughout the winter months with the help of Lorraine’s favourite vibrant foliage plants including Crotons, Cordylines, Acalyphas.

“They've all got that colour in their leaves.

“Not so much flower, just colour in the foliage. That's what I like.”

After joining a gardening club several years ago Lorraine said it is a great way to keep connected with likeminded people.

“The friendships made with other gardeners has put the icing on the cake so to speak,” Lorraine said. 

“I have always liked gardening but found once I retired from work and had more time my love of gardening escalated and there was no stopping me.”

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